Zodwa Wabantu: “South Africans Are Poor, Lazy And They’re Dogs” (Video)

Zodwa Wabantu has decided to tackle the national crisis that the country is facing. She posted a video on Instagram addressing the attack of foreign nationals.

She captioned the video “Our Lazy Sister’s & Brother’s are Lazy they are Taking things from People who are really doing something about their Lives”
In the video Zodwa Wabantu can be heard saying “this is so wrong, this is not Xenophobia, this is not us hating our brothers and sisters from other countries, this is us being with poverty and we played with time. We as black people don’t want to work and now we are hungry, we have turned into dogs we are dogs towards one another and things will be worse. This should stop, This is not xenophobia look at this people are taking so many things from people who tried to create employment for themselves, you know I hate it, I hate. I love our African brothers, our love our Africa sisters”