Dawn Thandeka King Becomes The Number One Worst Dressed Celeb (PICS)

Don’t take any style lessons from Dawn Thandeka King who portrays the role of Mangcobo on South Africa’s leading soapie Uzalo. She has made it to this week’s worst-dressed list.

The worst dressed goes from hair, makeup to the dressing itself. Yes, Thandeka just proves to us that having money and fame doesn’t equal having taste. Many of these celebs often find themselves on worst dressed lists, causing us to wonder… why not just hire a stylist?

Here are some of the pictures that we spotted that she could have dressed like a celebrity, not like someone doing laundry at home.

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The last picture just shows off how bad Thandeka is when it comes to making up her face like she was just in the rush and threw her face inside the powder. Did you see that afro picture? My mom can’t even wear half of her clothes when she is sweeping our back yard. LOL, y’all can follow her trends if you like but the lady and her busy floral dresses are just a big NO!!!